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Warranty Enrollment

TO ACTIVATE THIS WARRANTY on your new Cleanco Truckmounted Extractor, we must receive this completed form. Upon receipt, you will be included on our Cleanco Owner's List, which entitles you to Owner's Manual updates, technical bulletings, and other important information from the factory. This warranty is subject to the terms, limitations and conditions of the Cleanco Truckmount Warranty plan in effect at the time of purchase. Please read your warranty terms in full before signing this form. By returning this form to Cleanco, you indicate acceptance of the warranty terms as specified in your warranty documentation.

At the sole discretion of Cleanco, it may be necessary to perform warranty / repair work at an outside source. A written quotation must be faxed or emailed to Cleanco for approval prior to work being performed. The written quotation that was submitted if approved will be signed and dated by Cleanco and returned by fax or email to the submitting vendor. Failure to do so will result in denial of your warranty claim.

Warranty Form