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"I bought a Cleanco 47 from Northeast Restoration & Truckmount Supply in New Hampshire. I’ve been running it for almost a year now and have had no problems with it at all. Previously, before the Cleanco, I had a HydraMaster CDS. Cleanco is built much better than HydraMaster. Both are very reliable and have very good heat but I think long term Cleanco will outlast almost anything on the market. I have run BLUEline, HydraMaster, Prochem and now Cleanco. Northeast Restoration & Truckmount Supply did a great job installing my truckmount. I highly recommend if you're near them to have them install one. "

Rex Farr
F&C Cleaning Systems

""My friends at Guaranteed Cleaning Supply turned me onto ATTACK and I will never go back. No other enzyme prespray that I have tried has come close to the power that ATTACK has. I will never use anything else.""

Randy Clumpner
Bulldog Cleaning Systems

"FYI, on Saturday Russ was carpet cleaning with our Cleanco truckmount, seven stories up in a high rise building. I was amazed with the power and the vacuum the Cleanco was producing even at that distance. Great Machine !"

Steamway Cleaning Restoration - Ames IA

"They love their new Cleanco Compact 47, it has incredible heat even without the P.T.I. It's hotter than any of their other truckmounts..."

Sears Carpet Cleaning
North Bay, ON

"Russell, I thought I'd drop you a line on our Cleanco Compact 47 PTO now that it is 3 years old. As far as performance goes, as you know we run a 2 man team with the PTO. We have surveyed our customers and they tell us the carpet is dry in 3-4 hours even when we dual the machine up. The water temp consistently runs at 230C+. We have had very few problems with it, the occasional belt to be replaced, nothing really serious. We have the van serviced about every 5000 kms, at this time the machine is serviced too, it seems to work well not having the van and the machine off for separate days for servicing. The one thing I have noticed is the fuel savings. We use the PTO for most carpet cleaning jobs, our fuel account is far less than what it was prior to the PTO. We have also measured the amount of water we use on the average job and we were surprised on how little water it actually used. Overall we are really happy with the machine for obvious reasons. It cleans carpets, it's cheap to run and there is little down time."

Glen Carbis
Jumbuck Cleaning Services, Australia

"I think my Cleanco Truckmounts are extremely reliable. My units outlast my vans. In addition to the heat and vacuum power, what sold me was that I am able to run the units with the doors shut unlike my previous slide in models."

Lake Area Pro Carpet Cleaning
Branson, MO

"We just purchased our second unit recently. It is really hot, simple to operate, great overall performance."

Fetz Carpet Cleaning
Kansas City, MO

"We switched from Hydrmaster CDS units to Cleanco units and haven't regretted it for a minute. The heat is great, the unit is simple and extremely user friendly. No floats, relays, or unnecessary auxiliary pumps."

Mussers Cleaning & Restoration
St. Joseph, MO

"My Cleanco truckmount temperature hits 240 degrees and simply stays there. It is an incredible cleaning machine, a lot less complicated than the slide in that I was used to before."

Alpine Carpet Cleaning
Des Moines, IA

"Dependable and Reliable is how to describe our Cleanco units. They each have over 7000 hours and are still making us money every day!"

Best Carpet Cleaning
Kansas City, MO

"I have been cleaning 30 plus years. Out of all my truckmounts the Cleanco Compact 47 is my favorite. My next purchase will be a Compact 47 PTI."

Sunshine Carpet Cleaners
Wilmington, NC

"Unit purchased April 2007 Russell, I though it was about time I brought you up to date with my Cleanco 47 PTO. I am pleased to be able to tell you that I have found all my assumptions regarding the running and operation of the Cleanco Compact 47 to have been proven, what I find most appealing is the reduction in consumption of both fuel and water. I feel I have been able to reduce my fuel costs by at least a third and with the configuration of the water heating there has been a dramatic improvement in the water usage by the machine in that I estimate that it would use a quarter or less of the volume of water I was used to using, this of course shows when dumping of the waste water, and with no loss of heat, a winner in my book. I have found the backup provided by Cleanforce to be excellent and servicing cost very reasonable. The reliability has been a standout which I must say leads to a very stress free work environment."

Lex Rogers
Southwest Carpetclean, Australia

"I purchased a Cleanco 47 in 2009. It's been over two years now and not once has it been in the repair shop. The heat and the vacuum power are amazing! The company's customer service is to be wanted by other manufacturers. In a heartbeat I would recommend a Cleanco to be your next truckmount."

D & S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialist
Liberty, MO

"I like the way you just push a button and you're ready to roll. It's amazingly hot, great vacuum and super reliable. Everything we want in a truckmount!"

Mussers Advanced Restoration
Kansas City, MO

"In 2009 we bought a new Cleanco with an electric take-up reel and extra large water/waste tanks. We previously owned a slide, so felt really spoiled with the instant shut off (no cooling). We save so much time in set up and break down between jobs. We love the vacuum pressure for using twin wands on large jobs. It is so powerful that we can run two lines at 150' each and not even notice a drop in suction. We were so happy with it that we bought an identical machine in 2010 to handle our growth."

Max Care Carpet Cleaning
Columbia, MO

"We recently purchased two Cleanco Quad 56 truckmount units to expand our fleet. As an owner, I am very happy with the reliability and productivity of our new Cleanco's when compared to our other truckmounted units. Without hesitation our next truckmount units will definitely be Cleanco's."

Jamie Lovell
Areo Carpet Cleaning

"Our Cleanco Compact 47 cleans great, the suction power is awesome and we've had no problems with the machine at all!"

180 Restore
Kansas City, MO

"Although it has only been 7 months since I purchased my Cleanco Compact 47 PTO from Cleanforce I though I would give you some feedback about it. What impresses me the most is the consistency of the heat it produces. From cleaning carpets to tile and grout cleaning the heat remains high and constant unlike my previous dual wand machine. Customers have also commented on the quick drying time of their carpet after it has been cleaned and also the quality of the clean as well. Being able to do flood extraction without having to hook up to water is a real bonus and time saver and I really like the feature of being able to operate the machine whilst the van is completely locked, this is great for security I have been impressed with its performance and reliability."

Craig Sweeney
Cobram Cleaning Services, Australia

"I plan on buying another Cleanco truckmount in the next year."

Joseph Castor
Alpine Carpet Cleaning

"The Cleanco 45 machine is everything to our business and it continually exceeds the expectations of both Jim and I as well as our customers. We have been using Cleanco equipment for the past 6 years and adding the second Cleanco 45 to our fleet has proved to be the right decision. We plan to add a third Cleanco (47) to our fleet in early 2012. I can't say enough about FCCS and your team! The customer service and can do attitude keeps our company running smoothly. Carl continues to be so helpful to Jim when it comes to routine maintenance and even goes so far as to make sure we understand all the small details related to keeping our units running in perfect condition. Thanks for making our equipment and product purchases convenient and cost effective."

Plaza Carpet Cleaning
Overland Park, KS